Sonex Valuline Baffle

These baffles are in perfect shape and still are in the original boxes. They are made with natural white melamine foam and have the ValuLine pattern on both sides. You will need the corkscrew hangers with these (2 per baffle as a minimum), but we can work something out there.

Check out the product specs for Sonex Valuline Baffle


$34.00 per 2′ x 4′
($4.25 per square foot)

Size: 2" Thickness - 24" x 48" Panel

Quantity Available:

4 Panels

Product Condition: Perfect

Foam Composite panels

Product Number: 288

This is a box of two foam-composite panels.  One is made from Charcoal Polyurethane and the other is Sonex Mini melamine with gray Hypalon.  Please note that the Polyurethane panel is NOT class A fire rated!  The polyurethane panel has a PSA (peel and stick) adhesive and the melamine panel does not.  Both panels have a 1lb Mass Loaded Vinyl septum.  They will both absorb and block noise.  Both are in good condition.

Check out the product specs for Foam Composite panels


$35.52 for both panels.

Size: 24" x 48"

Quantity Available:

(1 panel) polyurethane composite – flat faced
(1 panel) melamine composite -Sonex Mini pattern and HPC paint

Product Condition: Good

Various acoustical foam panels

Product Number: 534

This box contains quite a few different foam panels.  If you would like a higher resolution version of this picture to have a better idea as to the contents and condition, please let me know.  I would be happy to send it to you.  Just mention that you want a better picture of box 534 and I will get it to you as soon as I can.

Check out the product specs for Various acoustical foam panels


$199.84 for the box.
But we will knock $40 bucks off if you ask and say please.

Size: Varies

Quantity Available:
MelDW124W (2) 24″ x 48″
Poly-DW Baffle – 4″ thick with four hooks glued between panels
2″ thick Sonex Valuline with black paint (1) 24″ x 24″
2″ Sonex Classic with black paint – dirty (2) 24″ x 24″
Sonex Contour ceiling tiles with baker (4) 24″ x 24″
Product Condition: Various